Hey! You, reading this post. Are you hesitating to take the big jump and move to Australia? Well, I know it’s true that this country is not such a dream. Adelaide leaves a lot to be desired. Let me prove you the opposite. Here is my top 10 reasons (not) to move to Adelaide.

⚠  Prepare your most sarcastic humour to read this post. Obviously, you need to understand the opposite of what I’m saying here. I hope you enjoy reading this. ⚠

1. Difficult climatic conditions to endure all year round

Let’s face the facts: you won’t experience cold, or even, snowy Christmas holidays anymore. In Adelaide, the celebrations are being held at the beach, in your bathing suit, eating bbq with family/friends. Btw, temperatures don’t go down so that it snows here. Sometimes, it is hailing here, but nothing that would really stick to the roads. No, the climate in Adelaide is quite good. The fall in Adelaide looks like my usual spring in misty Châteaudun – my hometown in France.

Anyway, get yourself mentally ready to live in a mildly sunny climate in Adelaide. Although some days might be a bit rainy from times to times. What an ordeal to have to handle 12°C in the winter. A real challenge to have to spend the day at the beach by 35°C in the summer.

2. Adelaideans are not even that cool

When migrating to Adelaide, forget about going out with your buddies.It is way too difficult to meet people and make friends here. Although locals look stressed out, do not count on them if you need a hand or if you’re looking for advice.

They don’t even want to go out for a drink at a bar or a pub. Anyway, they don’t know how to party. Adelaideans don’t want to hang out and party. Locals have no sense of humour and are not friendly. This “mateship”, you can’t even see it in Adelaide, ever.

3. Adelaide’s cost of living is higher than any other big city of OZ

Rent in Adelaide CBD is 37% cheaper than in Sydney. What a scandal! How can you even make ends meet every month when you can save up $700 on your rent compared to other Australian metropolises? In Adelaide region, you can even have a 2-bedroom house or a beach apartment. The price will be way higher than anywhere else in Australia.

Going grocery shopping or eating out are other expenses to consider. Adelaide is way less affordable than Melbourne or Sydney. Every time you go out for dinner or for drinks, be ready for the $200 bill.

Cost of living is really expensive compared to any other big city in OZ. You can notice it just by looking at our apartment in Glenelg. Located at just 5 minutes from the beach, it is unbearable that the rent is more expensive than in the CBD.


4. Work and visa, what an ordeal!

Migrating and getting a visa to live in Adelaide, it is impossible! Even the Working Holiday Visa is way to complicated to get. Anyways, there is no opportunity for French or American expats. Not even a single French company established here. No business would be glad to hire a Frenchie in their team.

Do not even think about being sponsored by the State of South Australia.They do not even look for any skilled migrant. If you are talented in design, marketing or education, medicine and engineering, you have not any chance. These fields are not valued by SA State at all.

5. The public transport system is not good

Adelaide is certainly a big city. However, having so many bus lines and a tram that takes you to Glenelg beach, I’ve seen better! Once your working day is over, you need to walk far away to reach your stop. Traffic compared to Sydney or Melbourne, is not even fluid.

Finding a bus or a train to go back home, it is almost impossible. I am not even talking about the dirtiness and dangerousness in Adelaide’s public transports. Bus drivers would certainly not help you find your way around the city. In short, it is a real challenge to travel around the city using their transport system.

6. Adelaide is too dangerous

Walking alone in the city at night in Adelaide, are you crazy? It is way too dangerous! The city is full of dodgy streets. It is common to read about terrible crimes here in the newspapers. Indeed, the latest one was a robbery of a Rotary Club barbeque.

7. There are no natural open spaces

★ Adelaide beaches are “comme-ci, comme-ça”

First, be ready to a certain irritation: which beach can I even go to? There are just so many of them, and they are way too extended. Glenelg beach can be reached by tram from Adelaide CBD. Port Noarlunga is located on a train line. Henley Beach is at the end of the awful River Torrens Linear Trail. Way too many beaches to chooses from.

Not only you will sweat trying to decide which beach you’ll end up going to. But, once you’ll get there, you will also have to cope with finding a spot to put your beach towel.

All these beaches in Adelaide area. Not an easy life, that’s true!

☞ The local newspaper The Advertiser published a list of the best beaches of Adelaide and the State of South Australia

★ Adelaide green spaces are to be desired

Adelaide region is overflowing with green spaces planted with trees and mountains. Again, it is a real challenge to choose from the many national parks to spend your free time in nature.

Just a few gardens surrounding Adelaide CBD make every walk from/to the city not enjoyable. These green spaces are so boring. No event is being organized there, no exhibition or fitness area can be found there. Only peaceful parks where you can relax, read a book or find out about the new gossips with your girlfriends. And, I am not even talking about the Botanical Garden in the North of the CBD. Why even go there on a sunny day?

As for national parks, it is not even worth going there for a weekend. Morialta or Mt Lofty barely have any charm with their waterfalls, wild koalas and stunning views of Adelaide. It is even worse at the Flinders Ranges. Not only, camping there is badly organized. But, the several hiking trails do not even make you sweat. Working out and enjoying your time in the wildness of Adelaide: do not even count on it by going to one of Adelaide’s national parks.

8. Finding a good wine, beer or cider? Do not even think about it!

★ Adelaide wines are plonk

Oh well, I’m not going to hide this from you guys. I can be quite difficult with wines as I’m French. It is sad to say, but Adelaide doesn’t really have good ones. Local vineyards and wineries are not even that cool to visit. It is quite boring to grab a cheese platter to be paired with local wines that you can taste for free.

Anyways, there are way too many wine regions around Adelaide. Between the Barossa, McLaren Vale, Clare Vale and Adelaide Hills, there are way too many choices!


★ Beers & ciders don’t taste good

If you prefer beers or cider to wine, not much luck? It becomes a real challenge to find a decent one in the area. The local breweries are not worth a visit, do not bother. How can you even indulge with a good beer or cider while watching a footy or cricket game?

9. Not enough festivals and cultural events

Adelaide is well-known for being a ghost city where there is nothing to do. Especially not during the Summer time from December to April. In March, you end up twiddling your thumbs asking yourself what you could spend your evenings and weekends doing. With all your savings, you’d have loved to spend it on entertainment after a long working day.

Shame! There is not a profusion of festivals or cultural events to attend in Adelaide. Do not count on the Adelaide Festival Centre or the big festival organizers of Adelaide Fringe or WOMADelaide to go out and have fun. In short, you could get bored in Adelaide.

10. No sport culture

If you’re a sports fanatic, forget about moving to Adelaide immediately! Their footy (Aussie football), soccer, rugby or cricket teams do not really wind the Adelaide Oval (stadium) into a frenzy. You would never spot supporter marches in the shopping street of Adelaide Rundle Mall. They would not even sing their heads off or wear an entire outfit in the colors of their team.  So-called supporters!

When evening games are played, the city is completely deserted and public transports are empty. There is no festive atmosphere when there is a derby match. The city does not seem to be cheering on their players. No club flag or posters can be seen in the city streets.



In short, Adelaide is not really a great city to move to!

BONUS – Adelaide is way too far from Asia. When you can’t stand Adelaide anymore, you probably would like to escape somewhere else. However, it is a real mission to reach any Asian country. There is no Asian city on flights departing from Adelaide. I would have loved so much to discover Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. What a pity!

☞  More to read on this topic: Vice judges Adelaide is the best city on Earth, Adelaide is the most underrated Australian city according to Buzzfeed, The Advertiser gives us 101 reasons to love the State of South Australia


  1. My goodness, it sounds awful – how can you bear it! I just can’t imagine having to have Christmas on the beach :p

    • domilia Reply

      Haha! We had to go through some tough life moments in Adelaide. Luckily, we survived Christmas on the beach. 😉

    • I would not take everything this person says too literal. As a person born and raised in Adelaide I can safely say a lot of these things are exaggerated or maybe unfourtunate scenarios.
      Let me clear some things up:
      Greenery: The east and south of Adelaide is full of shrubbery and greenery especially in the areas of Burnside/Norwood/Payneham/Kingswood, if you venture off towards the north it is however very different since that heads toward the desert.

      The people: We are all very happy to help, I mean yes some people are quite rude but as a majority we are actually quite friendly people, I can count on both hands many scenarios where people have been more than happy to assist me.

      Climate: It depends on the area in which you reside, the suburbs/the hills tend to stay cool 50/70% of the year as oppose to the Northern suburbs which are usually VERY HOT and unenjoyably humid. Plus, you moved to Australia?😂 What do you expect, it’s known for the heat and the US is actually no better in that respect.

      Shiftiness: Okay this I can agree on

      Anyways what I’m saying is it’s not as bad as it sounds.

  2. Its actually a completely rubbish city. Parks are limitted and truly boring, streets with all holes and car bouncing like a ball, good schools are full and was zoned only after its at capacity, you’ll not be able to cross the street to enroll your child! Government entities will play you around to complaint and all the crap, they’ll discuss your issue at lunch and you’ll get the F thing,
    Theres is a reason why Sydney and Melbourne are preferred destination, Adelaide is within Australia but its a 3rd world city.
    Still wanna move! Enjoy your movement!

    • domilia Reply

      Hahaha! Thanks for the comment Kem. Adelaide is a quieter city which is trying to reach its big sisters’ level. Although, I’m loving Melbourne so much more now that I’m living in Collingwood. It’s such a creative, arty and busy neighbourhood. Hope you’ll get to find a better place to live in!

  3. It needs restructuring in all of it’s aspects, starting from it’s government services!
    Thank you for your best wishes, glad you escaped and you’re enjoying Melbourne 🙂

  4. I think Adelaide is lovely. The people are nice, the places are good and they may be no big tourist attractions but who needs that. I love it. Plus, Christmas on the beach is great.

  5. you would really have to travel back in time to find a place as small minded and backward as adelaide, I know people can’t believe it , but until you’ve lived in adelaide you simply can’t comprehend how backward and lack of vision the place is.

  6. Wirldtraveller Reply

    As Australian house insulation and workmanship is so poorly done, and Adelaide has the world’s highest electricity prices, it feels very cold indeed. I’ve been warmer in Sweden because doors and windows there don’t have huge gaps to let the cold air through and the electricity’s affordable enough to turn on a heater.

    Wood fired heaters are almost unheard of in Adelaide and are becoming illegal in parts because of the pollution, so there’s no solution. Wearing lots of clothes and blankets at home is all I can do, but the air remains freezing so I still get a cold from simply sleeping in bed.

  7. I lived in Adelaide for 3 years and have fond memories of the city though I probably wouldn’t return. It’s a quiet boring place where not much changes and that can be nice for some people.
    The accommodation is cheap compared to other capital cities but so are the incomes. It’s a nice enough place for students.
    Not so great for new migrants unless you have lots of family n friends there already. The locals are pretty aloof and unfriendly in my experience. Maybe they have been there all their lives so have their own social circle.
    To sum it up if you’re a very ambitious driven person looking to go places go elsewhere. If you are laid back and happy with an average job or a total loser Adelaide may be right for you.

    • domilia Reply

      Hi Sujit, thank you for sharing your feelings about Adelaide with such honesty. I can quite relate to what you’re saying. Although I wouldn’t say that you need to be “a total loser” to move to Adelaide. Some people might prefer less busy cities. You can still be ambitious but enjoy Adelaide – it depends on your personality. Locals are driven by their job there, want a place where they can afford buying a property or others would stay for the climate and the variety of outdoorsy activities: wineries, national parks, beautiful beaches, Flinders Ranges, etc.

      • Hey Domilia I should have worded total loser differently. What I meant is if someone intends to not work and live on the dole, their dollar can go much further in Adelaide due to lower housing costs.

        • totally agree with Sujit, there is a huge number of lower socio economic unemployment and massive bogan, most suburbs in the east are empty after 5pm every day

    • domilia Reply

      Hey Enigma, thanks for sharing your point of view. Awesome to read that Adelaide suits some people. I definitely enjoyed the 2 1/2 years I spent there. However, Melbourne works better for me and what I like to do and how I like to live – it totally varies from one person to another, and that’s what makes all of us so interesting. What do you like about Adelaide in particular?

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