We never planned such a last minute trip somewhere. It’s exciting on one hand, but not the cheapest on the other. So we end up going on a trip to one of the three peninsulas of SA (Fleurieu check, Yorke check, and Eyre), and getting a brand new Toyota Corolla from a different place from our usual dirt cheap Koala Car Rentals. We regretted it a few days later when the rental peeps were twisting our melons for not giving our deposit back and blaming on the bank.


So once we got into the car, we drove all the way North to Port Adelaide, then to all along the coast of the Yorke Peninsula with a night stop at the quietest town of South Australia, Stansbury. Not so quiet when a wasted woman tries to walk down the street with a beer in front of cop. At least it is well-known for its oyster market, and we delighted our palates with tones of seafood.


Most of the trip was driving along the coast, and the highlight of it was the Innes National Park where you can go camping, hiking, fishing and many more activities. We enjoyed some of its sightseeing, we also helped a few tourists to figure out how to pay the national park’s fees (when we actually discovered the solution at the same time). Definitely a nice place to stay for a few days with family or friends.


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