I cry when I arrive in a new place and I cry when I leave it. How can you put down roots when the carpet is continually being pulled from under your feet? – Cherry Denman, Diplomatic Incidents: The Memoirs of an(Un)diplomatic Wife

What is Expat bug?

I am sure that you’ve previously heard the expression “bitten by the travel bug”. Well, Expat bug comes from it. Instead of the travel bug, it is more the expat bug that bit me. This might give you a good insight into this blog’s content and author, don’t you think?

Expat bug is a blog about the phenomenon of moving overseas to relocate. Created in 2013, I first wanted to share my expat life in Australia with my friends and family. Little by little, I was willing to take this project to the next level by turning it into an expat community. A platform where visitors can find as much useful information and tips about expatriation as possible. It is also where I talk about my travel and adventures abroad.

Who is behind this blog?

Hi! I am Domi – or Dominique to be more formal. French native originally from Châteaudun – a small town in the South-West of Paris – I have started living abroad since I was 20 yo. In 2010, I have spent 6 months in Ilhéus in Brazil for a university exchange as well as an internship at a local farm producing cocoa. A first long-term experience of life overseas that turned me into an expat addict!

Thanks to my studies in international relations, I improved my learning of foreign languages. Now I can speak English fluently, Portuguese and Spanish. An open door to international mobility. I had the chance to make the most of the university’s mobility programs to discover how it’s like overseas.

In 2013, I spent the 6 months of my life in a foreign country which completely changed my life forever. I lived for 6 months in Philly (USA) where I met my American partner, Steve. He is now my loyal companion of adventures. We decided to move abroad together. A few months later, we were reunited in Adelaide, Australia.

Steve is kind of the other half of this blog. As an American expat living in OZ, I try to get his perception of this life experience. He is also a precious support for any technical – computer related – issue with the blog. Finally, he becomes a photographer once in a while. Workwise, Steve is a freelance web developer and web designer. He codes websites as well as he creates online and print marketing materials of all kinds.

Contact & Social Media

Follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and my favorite, Instagram. If you have an extensive question, feel free to shoot me an email at domi@expatbug.com.