Yippee ! Domi got her first real job in Australia. After a few shitty jobs or short-term positions, I got the full-time position I have been hoping for the last six months. Having relevant previous work experience and a higher degree are essential assets to getting a job. However, it can take more or less time according to your country of origin, your experience and the current job market. Overview of Domi’s jobs in Adelaide.

Before getting my first real job in Australia, I (Domi) have been doing diverse jobs, entertaining or completely shitty. I have spent 6 months looking for a job and applying like a maniac. Now I just signed her contract for a permanent position as a Centre & Student Support Coordinator at the Australian Institute of Business.

But before getting this amazing new opportunity, let’s analyze the jobs that I experienced.

Shitty jobs

– “Milkman” at Aussie Farmers Direct: when I saw the add on Gumtree (Australian Craigslist), I thought I’d be delivering milk at people’s door step. Wrong! It turned out that it was a door-to-door sale position. I did their training, worked for them for 2 days and then quit.


– Distributor at Penny Miller: while I was thinking I’d just distribute magazines, I discovered it was more than that. In the area of Unley, I was dropping off a catalog at each house. This catalog gathered many cheesy/kitsch objects which people could order. They would just send an order and then I would deliver it 2 weeks later… Really boring and not really enhancing job!

Casual work

– Salesperson at The CheeseMonger: I’ve worked for a few days at this cheese/deli/fine food provider. I really enjoyed this experience as I was learning a lot about the different cheeses and also cooked meats and pork products.


– Waitress at  Saint Louis, House of Ice Cream & Dessert Bar: within this real lair of temptation, I’ve gain new skills in customer service, wait and floor staff duties. Therefore I was serving all these amazing and delicious desserts to tens of people queuing up to get their treat of the night. I’ve worked their for a few days during a few nights, especially during the weekends.



– Waitress at Boulangerie 113: a delicious experience that not only taught me more about how to make bread, danishes & how to make different kinds of coffees, but it also brought some yummy bakery treats to my house such as dark chocolate and pistachio croissant or even blueberry danishes.


French Tutoring: teaching French is quite a nice way to earn extra cash. Sharing my passion for French language and culture with a cool 10-year-old kid is always a good time as we challenge each other at UNO or eat delicious snacks that his Mom made for us.



– Baby-sitting: on my spare time and on weekends, I would have been available to take care of kids and it happened once that I babysat the two kids of one the French teachers of the Alliance Française but also friend, Pauline. It is a good reason to go back to childhood at the playground!

Full-time position

After applying to many job offers found online and registering to many recruitment agencies, I got an interview for a position at the Australian Institute of Business. This institution is a private school providing BBA & MBA within Australia and worldwide through Teaching Centres. After a group and individual interview as well as a role-playing activity and a skill test, I got offered a position as a Centre & Student Support Officer.

In terms of visa, I am lucky to have a Bridging Visa class A now. This visa is automatically delivered once you apply for a new visa with the Australian Bureau of Immigration. It allows you to legally stay in Australia and work there for an unlimited period until a decision is made on your substantive visa application.

Everything is working out if you keep being determined and dedicated. Just do it!


  1. Hahaha c’est décidément pas facile d’être backpacker! Moi j’ai été fundraiser quelques semaines à Brisbane et pour rien au monde je ne rententerai l’expérience!

  2. Congratulations. They are a lucky business to have you on board.

  3. Expat bug Reply

    @Shunn, c’est vrai que de vivre l’expérience de boulots que tu n’accèpterais jamais chez toi, mais t’as pas d’autre choix dans ton pays d’accueil, c’est assez intense à gérer. Heureusement, il y a toujours plein de nouveaux postes qui se libèrent régulièrement et Brisbane est bien plus animé et peuplé qu’Adelaide. Bon courage pour ton aventure australienne!

  4. Expat bug Reply

    @Terry, thank you for the kind words. It was a long way to the full-time position. It makes you feel confident and proud once you finally reach your goal, what you’ve been working hard on for many months.

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