Expat bug as seen in…

Expat bug is not only a blog full of tips about moving overseas, travels the expat way and adventures around the globe. But it is also a few collaborations with other bloggers, other expat community websites and French media.

I was lucky enough to work with a few people who trusted me by featuring my story on their website, their podcast or their forum. Find my writing essays and interviews below.


⛦  Pros and Cons of moving to Adelaide on Expat Arrivals

⛦  France – 5 places not to be missed around Toulouse on Travelicious


⛦  Vivre à Adelaide, en Australie on Instinct Voyageur (podcast in French)

⛦ Émission 11 on Allo La Planète (podcast in French)

⛦ The Frenchie who moved to Adelaide, Australia on the blog Migrating Miss