What a better way to visit the State you live in than with your sister freshly arrived all the way from France. Maeva visited us for a few days to get some fresh air away from the French winter. We prepared a full program of activities for her to make her stay unforgettable.

Enjoy the beach lifestyle

We have definitely introduced Maeva to the Australian beaches and the beach lifestyle in OZ. From the bbq in front of the ocean to the day chilling on the beach, we ensured to bring tones of souvenirs to these French eyes. We spent days being lazy laying on the white sand ; or stand up paddle boarding and beach horse riding for a more active experience of the Aussie beach.


Meet up with the locals

I wanted my sister to not only discover the beauty of OZ, but also to meet the locals. That’s why I took her to Gorge Recreation Park to give ¨high five¨ to kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and other Aussie species. We did not miss out on holding a koala or taking a selfie with a wallaby.


Later on, we went to Victor Harbour and to the Granite Island – which was deserted on this low season-day. From the top of the island, we glimpsed a few penguins and gazed at the outstanding landscape.


Devour Aussie food

Even though the Australian cuisine is not well-known to be full of delicacies, there are a few classics I wanted Maeva to try out. So we had the traditional meat pie with chili jam, the local fish & chips, or even the Aussie way of having a barbie (no, I’m not talking about the doll, of course!). We finally got to enjoy some of the Frenchies’ favourites: wine & cheese out at the Barossa Valley.

She also requested the yank Stevounet to make her some blueberry pancakes, mac’n’cheese, and the amazing Philly cheesesteak ; and to Frenchie Domi to show her baking skills with chocolate muffins.


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