Vietnam is not only rich in food deliciousness, but also turns your life into a non-stop entertainment. Besides spending hours watching the constant motorbike traffic, you can also laugh out loud at a comedy show, take care of yourself at a salon or chill out at the movies.

1. Getting a combo massage + haircut

Last Friday 24 June at 6pm, my roomates Apple & Hayden knocked on the door. « Domi, do you want to get a massage ? » It took me half a second to think about it and to rock out the door.

Just 5 minutes ride from our house, we got to a tiny salon in a small alleyway. There, they not only massaged my entire face and body, but they also gave me a new haircut. Total price : 110.000 VND = $5USD.


When entering the salon, we were invited to go to the back behind the hair salon section. At least 6 lawn chairs with a hair washing sink were aligned in this small corner. After laying down, the ladies gave us a great massage : head and facial massage with potato cream, cleaning of your ears, followed by a hand, feet, back and legs massage.

Feeling relaxed, I went to the front section of the salon to fix my crazy hair. Luckily, my friend Apple helped me explain what I wanted them to do. Not only they are quick hairdressers, they also give you easy DIY tips on how to give volume to your hair by swirling it while blow drying it.

After such a great and cheap experience, the intense traffic of Saigon would let you unmoved!

2. Going to the movies in Saigon

We rediscovered how cool & fun it is to go to the movies. For just 90.000 VND = $5 USD, you can watch the latest blockbuster, your favorite  sci-fi or scary movie. Not to mention that the pop-corn at BHD Cineplex inside Bitexco Financial Tower is so tasty : your choice of topping between caramel or cheese – the two best sellers !

Saturday date night at the movies to watch the new Independence Day. We left the cinema with a mixed feeling between American cheesiness and great visual effects. Just a typical America-centric Hollywood movie (in Steve’s words).

Going to the movies was a good opportunity to observe how differently Vietnamese people would react to American blockbusters. They laughed a lot at some of their ridiculous jokes and enjoyed the love scenes that we both found really cheesy.


3. Comedy Show in a sport bar in Saigon

Four comedians messed things up on stage at Game On Saigon. This sport bar was hosting a one night show as part of the Saigon International Company. The line up included 2 Americans, 1 British and 1 Singaporean.

At the end of the night, Steve & I agreed on one point : the dude from Singapore was probably the funniest out of the 4 comedians as he was making fun of himself with his missing front tooth. Most of the jokes were focusing on the expat life in Vietnam as well as some personal stories. One of the Americans was unfortunately representing the loud community of people from the U.S. Not only he broke the microphone stand, but he also destroyed the audience ear plugs.

The venue was a good find : a sport bar, a vague imitation of an Aussie pub where you can find schnitty and parmi on the menu. They broadcast different sport games such as rugby, Aussie footy or soccer, especially the Euro 2016. We were actually more impressed by the food rather than the show itself.




BONUS – Going karaoke with a group of girl friends

King Karaoke made her girly night hectic. With a group of international women from Wales, Vietnam, Japan and France, we spent at least 3 hours singing our heads off. We couldn’t leave the room before finishing our last drinks and singing the last word.

Online discoveries of the week

  • NOTEWORTHY – Syrian refugee to cook in Parisian restaurant – A Syrian man took over the kitchen of a restaurant in Paris. He did not use to be a cook back in Syria, however he is passionate about sharing his traditional dishes with his host country’s fellows. A touching and inspiring video that gives hope in humanity.
  • TRAVEL – New Vietnamese caves opened to public – Vietnam is not only famous for its motorbike intense traffic and its delicious diverse food, however it offers a lot of activities for the most adventurous travelers, expats and locals. Trekking, water activities or cave exploring. There are many caves in Vietnam. It is quite expensive to visit them, however a great personal experience.
  • CULTURE – Online museum of kids’ pieces of art in France – Discover pieces of art by the little ones from France. From photos, videos, drawings or sculptures, it brings you back to your own childhood. At Le Muz, they also offer workshops, games and contests. Check it out at … (only in French).


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