I may have left France for 3 years now, I still feel a need to have some fresh good bread every day. It is one essential of my every meal! My coworkers are always surprised and curious to understand what is this passion for bread. On their side, they are fighting against carbs, therefore they don’t get it why I’m “so slim”.

After explaining the French culture of bread, they ended up getting used to seeing me eating some at lunch. If one day, I would not have any, they would ask me what is wrong with me. Just for the anecdote, French people appreciate a piece of baguette bread to serve as a side dish and to soak up the sauce from their plate.

Here is my top 5 of where to find good bread in Adelaide

I spent quite a long time exploring Adelaide bakeries and cafes until I found the “Holy Grail”. It took about a year to get THE baguette bread which looked and tasted similar to the ones from France.

  1. Taste Baguette on Rundle Street – Their huge French sticks are crusty on the outside and its crumb is really soft.
  2. Adelaide Central Market – A few spots: Wild Load + Dough + The Market Bread Bar – These small market stalls sell bread as well as pastries and crêpes – French pancakes at the Market Bread Bar.
  3. Boulangerie 113  on Goodwood Road – These artisan loaves of bread are made by experienced bakers. Their ciabatta and Turkish bread are to die for. Although, I have a preference for their sourdough and their hazelnut or cranberry chocolate croissants.
  4. Skala Bakery at the Central Market – Good bread at a reasonable price. It’s my go-to bakery if I’m running out of bread. I’ll just run there on my lunch break to save my future meals.
  5. Market Street next to the Central Market – Their bread is really good. Just a little bit more pricey and it goes bad more quickly. However, their little cafe is a great spot to get lunch on a weekday.

Otherwise, the best option is to make my own bread. It is fairly easy to buy the specific flour. Then, you can make your bread dough by adding a little bit of water and salt. You just need to knead the dough, put it in the oven, and you’re all set! I used some help with the video from the French cooking website Marmitton to prepare my homemade bread.

The worst bread I’ve eaten in Adelaide

Coles & Woolies – Their bread is simply re-heated after having been frozen. I even heard that their dough is not made in Adelaide, but imported from somewhere else. Although, their packaged sliced bread is not too bad. I particularly love the one from Helga’s – their pumpkin seed bread is the jam! – and from Abbotts Village Bakery  – I love their sunflower seed bread.

The bread i would like to try out

🥖 Artisan Sourdough Bread – To be honest, I have never heard of them before. However, only the word “artisan” makes me want to give it a go.

🥖 St Louis – I remember having seen their bread at their cafe in Glenelg. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to taste their bread. It is not their speciality, rather be ice cream and pastries.

🥖 La Madeleine – They offer fresh bread on demand. If only I had known that!

MORE READ – The local newspaper, The Advertiser, dedicated an article about French-inspired bakeries and cafes in Adelaide region. Most of the listed places mainly sell pastries rather than bread, though. Even though, some of them are managed by native Frenchies, so they might know what they’re talking about.

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