What a pleasure but to have a 3-day weekend. It almost seems like you’re having a mini-holiday. Being able to enjoy your Sunday without having to think about the next day back to school or to work is great!

In France, we are experts in public holidays. However, to be honest, Australia has many of them as well. Most of the people do not work during these rest days whether they are catholic celebrations or national days such as “Melbourne Cup” or “ANZAC Day similar to the French “Armistice Day”.

Short brief about Labour Day in Australia

On this 3 October, most Australian States are taking the day off work for Labour Day. On this occasion, people would make the most of it to relax, spend time with their friends or family members around a barbeque. Others would watch a sports game. Finally, the most adventurous ones would go wild to an undiscovered part of their State, to a national park, to a vineyard or to a forest.


Labour Day is not held the same day in every States in Australia. Therefore, most States commemorate it on the first Monday of October. However, the Northern Territory celebrates “May Day” by taking off work on the first Monday of May. Tasmania has their “Eight Hour Day” in March.

Actually, Labour Day became a public holiday in the 19th century. One day, a few stonemasons marched in Melbourne with signs saying “Eight hours of work. Eight hours of recreation. Eight hours of rest.”

What to do on Labour Day? – My top 5 of things to do on this holiday


1. Have a damn picnic!

What better way to relax and have a good time, but to have a picnic with the ones you love? Whenever I go out for a picnic, I enjoy fresh meals such as salads, quiches, nibbles. Check out this ultimate guide of picnic recipes to impress your friends/family members/darling love. Make the moment even funkier with a few cool picnic accessories. Down with the plastic cups of colors and the cutlery from home. Get your best utensils to rock this picnic!

2. Conquer a national park

Are you adventurous deep down? Put on your best hiking boots to climb the s*** out of one of the national parks. A good mix of relaxing time in nature and work out. Perfect on a public holiday!

3. Spend the day at the beach

Nothing is better but to have a seafood platter while watching the relaxing waves of the ocean. If you’re not feeling chilled after that, there is an issue!

4. Show off your green hand

Australian houses often have a front and back yard. Even if you don’t have your own garden, you can at least try to grow your own plant or flower seeds. It’s super easy to find some at a store such as Mitre10 or Bunnings, and much more.

5. Attend one of the city’s cultural events

There is always something going on in the major cities. To all my friends living in Adelaide, do not miss out on the OZAsia Fest or the Semaphore Music Festival.


1. Devour a ton of books

Get new books at Dymocks. Or go to one of the many public libraries. There are many options to find books to keep you busy on this Labour Day.

2. Watch all Youtube videos related to 5 themes

You’ve always been curious about how Coca-Cola is made or what are the weirdest Guinness World Records? Do not risk putting a toe outside on a rainy day. Just stay home and learn more about a specific topic watching Youtube videos.

This is my top 5 of themed Youtube videos I’d watch on a rainy day:

▶  News Youtube channels such as Vox or Vice

▶ The most trending Youtube videos – currently Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is at the top

▶ The biggest human or animal fails

▶ Videos of the best French Youtubers

▶ Laugh at videos of Youtubers who make fun of France

3. Redecorate or reorganize your living room

Day off = good reason to clean and rearrange your stuff. It is proven, the change of setting boosts your mood. Simply move the furniture, change the cushion cases or add a few more objects to decorate your living room. You’ll feel your mood switching to happiness.  Try it you’ll see!

4. Have a TV show or movie marathon

Push your ass deep into the sofa or lay down comfortably in your bed to enjoy hours of TV shows/movies. Prepare a good blanket, some sleepers and something to munch on. Make sure you have your episodes ready and in good quality to avoid disappointment.

5. Learn a new language or activity

I am not going to teach you anything new: the web is full of useful tools to learn new skills or develop a new passion. Learning a new language is made so easy with Babbel and Duolingo. For any other new topic or activity that you are interested in, there are many websites, online tutorials, and mobile apps to help you out which you can find with this amazing thing called Google!


1. Call in all of your friends to play pétanque balls… or any sports game of your choice!

Well, it is not the most common sport in Australia. However, there is a pétanque (French balls) club in Adelaide. Yep, I swear! Otherwise, you’ll see more families playing footy (Australian football) or cricket.

2 Watch a live game in a pub

So many pubs in Australia broadcast live events when major matches are scheduled. Do not miss out on the test games of cricket today. Find the schedule and pubs on these websites: pubfinder and  or gameon. Then, enjoy a day full of beers, sports, and parma or schnitty.

3. Treat yourself with some new activewear

A little treat for your body. Find the best fitness or yoga sportswear at your nearest shopping centre or shopping street. The most common clothing brands for activewear in Australia are Lorna Jane, Lululemon, and even Cotton On launched its sports clothes.

4. Find out which sport is more performant in each country

You probably discovered it during the Olympic Games. Some countries are better at one sport more than another. Find out more on this website about the country’s most performing sport. In France, we are damn good at basketball.

5. Go running along the beach

Beachside roads are often full of joggers, dog walkers, and bike riders. The esplanade is the best spot to run on a smooth surface with a view on miles of white sand.


1. Put on comfy shoes to go for a food walking tour

Visit one of Adelaide foodie websites On the Chopping Board or Adelaide Food Central. You’ll definitely find the best cafes in your area.

2. Go explore Adelaide’s wineries

Adelaide area is home to major wine regions: Barossa, Adelaide Hills, McClaren Vale and Clare. Go on your own guided tour or hire a chauffeur for the day. Most of the wineries offer free wine tasting.

Bring a cheese platter along to pair with the wines. Try out the “Cheese & Wine Trail” from the Barossa Cheese Company.  I am sure you guys will like it!

3. Have the best bbq with your friends and/or family

There is a good reason if the stereotyped expression about OZ is “throw a shrimp on the barbie”. They are the barbeque kings and queens. On every weekend and public holidays, they gather around a bbq.

Actually, on every street corner, there is an electric bbq. They are free and so easy to use. Check out this map to find your nearest bbq.

4. Try out the “food art”

Alright, I know when we were kids, we were told to not play with food. However, I am speaking of real art here. Some turn food art into a passion or even a job sometimes. Try out the artistic and food lover’s activity of “food art“. It will please the young ones as well as the older ones.

5. Organize a “chefs battle”

Bring along some friends or family member. Then, challenge one another on some food activities. The winner is the one who can make a mayonnaise the fastest, or the one who can cook a meal with 5 demanded ingredients. The options are as numerous as the laughs you are going to have.


1. Order your meals of the day online

Sometimes, it may require too much effort to think about what you’re going to cook for lunch. Therefore, the easy solution is to order food to be delivered. Thank you eatnow and deliveryhero to help us out on this one!

2. Or make yourself an easy snack to munch on

Your fridge is completely empty and so is your wallet. No worries, I got you guys covered with some lazy ass meals.

3. Invent an object to make your daily life easier

Most inventions come from the laziest people on the planet. This is because they are cunning and creative people. Also, they are the best at finding easy and quick ways to make our lives more simple. Find out this list of inventions by lazy people that even the non-lazy ones will envy them.

4. Work out like a lazy one

Lazy people are usually not really active. However, I have a plan for you guys so that you exercise without much of an effort. Here is your guide to the best sports for lazy people.

5. Relax at the spa

Having someone who takes care of you is what I call really chilling out. Treat yourself with a body massage at the spa. My favourite spot in Adelaide is called No Name Massage. It is located on the drinking Hindley street. However, it used to be my HQ every Friday night after a long week at work.

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