~ May 13th, 2016 ~

I am not sure if we are completely stable, but we sometimes come up with the craziest travel plans ever!

On a random week night a few months ago, we discussed about our lease which was going to end in May. So we just figured that it was time for us to take this opportunity to finally move to Melbourne, the city that we fell in love with 2 years ago. When we realized that at that specific moment, we will be homeless and jobless, we might as well just make the most of it and travel somewhere.

This is when it turns into complete madness: we decided to move to Vietnam for a couple months…

Obviously, this also involves further background planning:

  • Advising our bosses about this adventurous plan
  • Selling as much items we own as possible
  • Moving everything we’ll keep to Melbourne where we’ll actually settle down after our Vietnam expat mini-life
  • Storing our boxes and pieces of furniture in a secure place
  • Getting flights and visas for Vietnam

On May 4th, we were out of Adelaide with a rental truck all loaded with our few belongings on a moving roadtrip to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road (GOR) that we previously drove on in 2014.

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