For this Freaky Friday, I will share three highlights of our past packed weekend. We had a blast this past weekend and met a lot of new cool peeps.

1. Partying with a bunch of Frenchies

Some people have a good memory for faces. This is the case of this Frenchie dude, Dimitri, who recognized Steve in a dark bar while listening to French hip-hop. He remembered him from Dreamplex where they both work at. Since this incredible first meeting, we hanged out a lot with him and his other Frenchie friends.

First we went to Dimitri’s house on Hai Ba Trung in D3. Dimitri is a bubbly guy who is always smiling and laughing up to anything. We met up at his apartment last Friday drinking and chatting on his rooftop with a view to the lighted up buildings of Saigon. Surrounded by French people only, Steve de-stressed once other English-speaking people made their appearance to the party. A good international bunch of chatty, outgoing and friendly people from Czech Republic and the U.S.

Then we stopped by an outdoor bar right on the sidewalk. A little stand with a few different drinks to make ice-cold cocktails to choose from. We ordered some margaritas, daiquiris and sex on the beach to ginger up the night. Seated on small plastic chairs, we did not go unnoticed when passerby noticed this line up of white people drinking in the street. An interesting concept that could be good to bring to Australia, who knows!

Finally we went dancing at The Observatory where a few French DJs were performing. Located just a few minutes away from their house, we got to this night club by 1am. Playing deep house music by 3 French DJs, we did not stay long their as the atmosphere was not so great: the music sucked, the place was quite dirty and the week was long and exhausting.


2. Eating brunch at a French restaurant

After vegetating on Saturday the whole day, we accepted Dimitri’s invite to go get a brunch at Au Parc. This French restaurant located just next door to Propaganda is a huge establishment set on 3 levels (floors). We almost took the entire 3rd level with the same good bunch of people.

Au Parc is a great place to have a brunch. It is also perfect if you are craving typical French breakfast with homemade crusty baguette, butter and different types of jams (apricot or berries). You have the choice between 3 different brunch set menus:

  • The French Brunch: it includes salmon, poaches eggs, roasted potatoes and a delicious cream
  • The New York Brunch: potato pancakes with maple syrup
  • The Turkish Brunch: the classic humus and pita bread

The food was incredible, I can approve as a French person. Having a self-serve basket of different types of bread was a big bonus to dip in the tasty sauce. The combo salmon-eggs-potatoes-yellow sauce was amazing. The portion was good enough since you have so much bread at the beginning of your meal. We finished the brunch with some local fruits: pineapple, watermelon and dragon fruit.

We highly recommend anyone visiting Saigon to have a brunch at Au Parc. The restaurant interior design is neat, the customer service is terrific and the food is really tasteful. Make a short right on Hàn Thuyên from Pasteur Street. It is located just in front of a park.

Au Parc Saigon, 23 Hàn Thuyên, HCMC – Open every day from 7.30am – 10.30pm.



3. Swimming, drinking and eating on a lazy Sunday afternoon

On the same Sunday, we just finished our brunch that we were rushing to a swimming pool hang out afternoon at our roommate Apple’s best friend, Quan. On this sunny and hot Sunday, cooling off your body in an outdoor swimming pool was probably the best way to end the weekend.

We bought a few nibbles to stop our hunger after doing laps: small spring rolls, egg tarts and skewers. After hanging out around the pool for about 3 hours chilling out, we joined the rest of Quan’s friends inside to escape mosquitoes as well. He treated us like prince and princess offering us some great champagne.

Back home, it was then time to think about the week ahead working on Expat bug to make it more and more useful to other expats and explorers. Happy Freaky Friday everyone!


Online discoveries of the week

  • CULTURE – IF Cinéma – Film catalogue – A good way to check out the trailer of some of the best French movies. Classified into categories such as genres, available subtitles and keywords, a good excuse to French up your evening.
  • TRAVEL – Aptō – This promising app aims at French expats in order to give them all the tools and tips before moving overseas. So far the project is in process of development and it includes countries such as China, Ireland, the U.S. and Australia. What a cool idea!
  • NOTEWORTHY – Mayku – Another great start-up which allows anyone to create their own handcraft items or gifts. This heat press / vacuum machine shapes the plastic design you want in order to then create whichever goody you would like such as clay plant pots, personalized chocolate or even a clock.


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